Gallery - From the Roots Up: Special Trees of Dundas 2016

Fisher's Mill Park Apple Tree

Fisher's Mill Park Apple Tree


12x36" (includes black wood frame, 14x38")


Wild apple trees are a ubiquitous feature along roadways and forest edges throughout the province. With absolutely no human interference or help, these sylvan soldiers bear bushels of often sour but plentiful fruit year after year. Few humans bother to harvest them, so they share their bounty with local wildlife like deer, squirrels, foxes, and countless insects from butterflies to millipedes. I can never resist the temptation to ‘try one’, and on rare occasion am richly rewarded.

Artist's Story:

This particular little tree greets us daily through the seasons as we drive down the hill from Greensville. In spring it is festooned with hopeful white blossoms, and in the fall, it spills over with small rosy apples which are delicately flavoured with essence of wild rose-hip. Int this piece, I portrayed all its seasons in one panel. This little soldier stands in for all the heroic seed apples that so deserve our affection and admiration.