Gallery - From the Roots Up: Special Trees of Dundas 2016

Cross Street Tulip Tree

Cross Street Tulip Tree


24x16" (includes black wood frame, 26x18")

Tulip trees, one of our native Carolinian species, are now rarely found in their original wild settings. This huge and ancient specimen is said to predate the construction of the house in 1845 and is the largest and oldest Tulip Tree in Ontario at over 100 ft in height and 16 ft in girth. It received a formal designation of Ontario Heritage Tree in 2009, and is clearly one of Dundas’ Celebrity Trees. Tourist buses from all over Ontario and Canada frequently visit this tree, especially when its beautiful tulip-like blooms open in spring.

In addition to its importance to residents of the neighbourhood, the tree is something of a celebrity. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Japanese officials would come from time to time to measure the height and girth of the tree.  Apparently there was another Tulip Tree in Japan that was close in measurement to the Cross Street tree ... it was important to them to see which tree was the largest.

The Artist:

This enormous tree begged me to hoist its owner’s house into its welcoming branches