Gallery - From the Roots Up: Special Trees of Dundas 2016

Fisher's Mill Park Chinquapin Oak

Fisher's Mill Park Chinquapin Oak


24x16"   SOLD

Over its lifetime of 150 years, this rare invidual has been witness to many changes. In 1851, the Gore Grist Mill stood on sloping land above Spencer Creek to the north-west of this Chinquapin Oak tree. When the mill closed in the late 1920s, the Fisher family gave the entire mill property, including the land where the tree stands, to the Town of Dundas. The Fisher's Mill Park established in 2008 is now the spacious setting for this breathtaking oak.

Artist's Story:

When I moved to Greensville 12 years ago, I quickly discovered that a small grove of rare Chinquapins grows on the edge of the escarpment just a ten minute walk from my home, and just uphill from the Fisher's Mill Chinquapin. I like to think that the Fisher’s Mill Chinquapin is related to that hardy bunch, and keeps up communications with them from its spacious lower spot in the park.