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Heart of White Oak

Heart of White Oak


30x30" (includes black wood frame,32x32")

Etched In Wisdom

Etched in wisdom

of the past

grooves run deep

to everlast

wrinkles of time

the future has cast

upon the ancient oak.

© Brenda Aksionov 2016

This is the largest yet from my new Heartwood series. In the centre is a modified photo of a local White Oak, taken by my husband, Janusz Wrobel, a few years ago. This is one gorgeous tree and I'd always wanted to pay tribute to it. This is already a very old tree... may she live many years longer!

This piece is available for purchase from my studio, on condition that it is available to hang for the duration of my exhibition below...

Wisdom of the Rings
May 31 - June 23, 2019
Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON
A series of works inspired by the fascinating growth rings of trees. Also featuring the elegant coiled vessels of textile artist Carmella Karijo Rother.


$ 2,300.00

Purchasing information:

This textile work is available. In order to avoid disappointment, please contact me to reserve it, as it may currently be on exhibit outside my studio. Include the title of the piece, your country and city, and whether you will require shipping. I will estimate timing and total cost and be back in touch as soon as possible. Payment can be arranged by Paypal, eTransfer, or a payment method of your choice. I am open to creative purchase plans and layaways.