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The Salmon Forest

The Salmon Forest

2019   ***currently ON HOLD for exhibiting***

30x30" quilted fabric wall hanging

This piece tells the amazing story of how heavy Nitrogen found in migrating salmon ends up in the rings of trees.

When the salmon run up the rivers to spawn, they are either captured by wildlife or die after laying their eggs. Wildlife like bears drag their corpses into the woods, where the remains decompose, becoming an important source of Nitrogen for the trees.The trees hold the banks and keep the river water fresh.

A special heavy Nitrogen molecule, 15N, can be directly traced from the salmon to the tree rings. In testing, it is then possible to determine the relative populations of migrating salmon from year to year, for the entire life span of the tree. This research helps us understand the influence of various human populations, from First Nations to more recent settlements, and to rethink how we harvest both the salmon and the trees.

For more information about this research, click HERE.

This piece is available for purchase from my studio, on condition that it is available to hang for the duration of my exhibition below...

Wisdom of the Rings
May 31 - June 23, 2019
Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON
A series of works inspired by the fascinating growth rings of trees. Also featuring the elegant coiled vessels of textile artist Carmella Karijo Rother.

$ 1,400.00

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