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Heart of Green

Heart of Green


12x12" (includes black wood frame, 14x14")


This leaf is an intimate part of her natural space, and is subject to the work of insects and other organic cycles that depend on foliage and plants. The marks and spots of contribution are beautiful of themselves, and are part of a healthy and thriving environment.

Below is a poem inspired by this piece, by poet Fran Figge of Dundas, 2018.

Cross Section of Life


Big wheels, small wheels,

all circles within circles, shells

smooth white or crusty brown

protect the pith, the nucleus,

promise of life.


Leaf green is

nurtured in the cleaved yolk

of sun and moon time while

imperatives bond inert

and living matter.


In prebiotic and

probiotic soup, genetic

information creates a flow, translates

language of amino acids,

DNA strings into


dendrite creep.  Fingers

search to align the rubric, encourage

seepage of blues and greens, infiltrate the

heartwood, sapwood, membranes

between core and mantle.


Synaptic sparks

fire a breach, break into

survival, spill the seed, imprint the

eggplant ink of space.

Life finds a way.