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Red Mulberry #3

Red Mulberry #3

2018   SOLD

8x8" (includes black wood frame, 14x14")

The Red Mulberry is a rare native Carolinian tree with a distinctive and delicious rich deep purple berry. White Mulberry is much more common (in fact it's invasive, but the birds sure don't mind!) and shares many of the native tree's attributes.

Below is a poem inspired by this piece, by Dundas poet Ed Woods, 2018.

Solitude Discovered

tree of life

roots nourished

spread out tentacles

secluded for centuries

reached sky in beauty

surrounded by siblings

questionable seeds of origin


years of breezy sunlight

leaves grow then fall

somehow a lightning crack

opened up a sudden path

for explorers of remoteness


few too many flocks to shade

repair bodies in nature

look up through limbs and twigs

as if a visual dendritic mind


still protected space

warmth against trunk

let this soul rest and heal

as rings add to solitude