Gallery - Kingston Symphony Orchestra Special Exhibit 2018

Tomorrow #1

Tomorrow #1


16x16"  SOLD

In Director Mitchell’s own words, “Morgen (Tomorrow) has such an unbelievably explicit beauty that one can't help but feel as though it isn't an end but a new beginning.” Spirals are perfect to describe the miracle of renewal.

The sweet harp/piano notes of this piece along with the imagery of beach and sky reminded me of quiet, dreamy steps along the shore in the morning. I decided to enhance this effect with repeated elements like circles and leaves, alternating with frothy surf against pale marine blue. It took me some time to find the right background, but on pure white this spiral image truly sang.

Hear the song

Tomorrow again will shine the sun
And on my sunlit path of earth
Unite us again, as it has done,
And give our bliss another birth...
The spacious beach under wave-blue skies
We'll reach by descending soft and slow,
And mutely gaze in each other's eyes,
As over us rapture's great hush will flow.
John Henry MacKay