Gallery - Wisdom of the Rings 2019


Wisdom of the Rings
May 31 - June 23, 2019
Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON

Wisdom of the Rings at Carnegie Gallery

Everywhere in the natural world, circles, spirals and rings frame integral structures that support, envelop and unveil animate and inanimate entities. These sinuous forms call to mind the slow rhythm of a heartbeat, the concentric waves of a stone dropped in water, or the meditative effect of walking a labyrinth. They also echo how early memory is stored within our own psyches, perhaps buried but never lost beneath subsequent layers of experience.

Tree rings record much more than seasonal fluctuations in the life of a tree: they are living journals of the unfolding environment.  With these pieces I trace the many ways that tree rings reveal stories of endurance and commitment. Each stitched textile describes a pathway through the outer layers to the heartwood, like a labyrinth leading to its timeless centre.

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