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Friday, November 9th, 2012

Ucluelet, Vancouver Island. An overcast, occasionally rainy day. We find ourselves on an intermittently disrupted path leading to the Wild Pacific Trail along the west side of the Island. My husband and I are feeling disoriented and disappointed, having expected something “wilder” on that part of the walk (note: The Wild Pacific Trail itself was magnificent!). We skirt the edge of a hotel property and it’s clear that soon much of the land around it will be devoted to yet more development. It’s somewhat depressing, and we are thinking of getting back to the car.

Just ahead and walking toward us is an elderly Japanese man. As he reaches us, he briefly bows, presses something into my husband’s hand, then silently moves on. This is his gift:

Origami sun, only one inch in diameter!


As I examine this exquisite origami sun, I am filled with questions. I want to catch up to him and thank him, ask him why. But he is long gone, having disappeared around the next bend as if he was never there.

Whatever his intent, the effect on me is pure radiance. My moody day is suddenly more beautiful, the world more welcoming, my steps lighter. My mind is changed by this gracious gift. I’ve hung it on my office lamp and relive the moment every day. And he will never know. I believe this is the best part of the gift. He has shared his wisdom, how to be truly free.

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