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Preparing for our Studio Tour

Monday, April 16th, 2012

This morning we had an organizational meeting for the Dundas Studio Tour – a yearly event for local artisans. This year our dates are Sept 29-30. My husband and I have been participating for 6 years, since first moving to Dundas. In fact, this Tour was one of the reasons we moved here and chose our property – big enough for a separate studio and gallery.

This is the third meeting this year to date… there is much to do to prepare for a successful tour. I am in charge of intake for new applications. Each one is carefully considered and vetted. This year we have lots of new blood: jewellers, a furniture maker, a photographer, and a couple of potters. There will be 27 artists in all. It takes time to decide where each artist will fit at the 6 studios. Now we need to begin setting up our brochure and website, and organize our promotion. Even though the tour lasts only 2 days, it’s a year-round project for us.

It’s a lot of work!!! But I keep reminding myself that those two days bring in up to 1,000 visitors. Many come to browse, and then they come back, sometimes years later – so it’s always worth the effort and it’s always lots of fun!

Our studio, Dundas Studio Tour 2011

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