Beauty Spots #1
Escarpment Edge #10
Solar Power #1
Tremor #1

Welcome to my website

I am a full time professional artist working in textiles. I draw upon my formal education in science to create images that evoke the intimate connection we have with the natural world. Fabric is an ideal material for expressing and capturing the attributes of natural forms, and my techniques mirror processes which bring order to diverse and humble materials. My intention is to arouse emotional connection by shining a warm light on Nature’s unseen forces.  The biology, mythology and symbolism of trees, classic emblems of the communion of earth and spirit, are my main inspiration. I live in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.

Here you will find images of my framed textile art and fabric wall hangings, as well as more information about past and upcoming exhibitions, commissions and lectures. Some of my wall pieces are available to purchase and others are posted here for you to enjoy.

New work added to Available Works on September 24, 2023.