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2022   12x12" shadow box

Napuro: a forest that looks like ‘an island within an island’

  • Language: Cuyonon
  • Region: Cuyo Islands, Philippines

"In Cuyonon, we have a forest ecosystem called napuro. Literally, napuro means ‘became an island’ and is characterised by big old trees in the middle area, outlined with huge rocks, creating a territory of its own – an island within an island.  Fruit-bearing trees thrive inside it, including kasoy ’cashew’, lumboy ‘Java plum’, and even santol ‘cotton fruit’. We also rely upon napuro for a specific type of bamboo that we use for furniture, and even for inyam ‘Queensland cherry’ – a kind of wild cherry whose leaves are both cows’ and goats’ favorite.

Napuro is approached with care. First, inside napuro resides a ‘lure of the unknown’ that can mimic one’s voice from any direction. It can also mimic a companion’s voice, tempting one to follow it and eventually lose one’s way home."

I used an aerial view of Napuro to show the rocks surrounding the 'island within an island". The entrance to the Napuro is important... one must know where and how to approach and return from this mysterious and bountiful space.

For the full description, along with pronunciation, map and short video, click HERE.