Gallery - Woven Woods 2017-2023




Fabric wall hanging, 46" in diameter

Tree roots do not let the mycorrhizal net die in the winter. Instead, trees feed the colonies from their reserves through all seasons. Mycorrhizal fungi and root hairs are abundant and active in winter, but they also set spores which lie dormant until spring. In the centre of this piece is a cross section of an overwintering spore.


Very slowly burning, the big forest tree
stands in the slight hollow of the snow
melted around it by the mild, long
heat of its being and its will to be
root, trunk, branch, leaf, and know
earth dark, sun light, wind touch, bird song.

Rootless and restless and warmblooded, we
blaze in the flare that blinds us to that slow,
tall, fraternal fire of life as strong
now as in the seedling two centuries ago.

- Ursula K. Le Guin