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Mother Tree

Mother Tree


16x16" (includes black wood frame, 18x18") 


This is the closest I can get so far to visually capturing the essence of Mother Tree: in recent scientific research, it has been found that young seedlings in a forest setting are nurtured by their larger and more mature counterparts, with the help of microscopic fungi.

For a beautiful description of this process, watch this video, narrated by Dr Suzanne Simard, one of the most prominent researchers involved in tree root communication.

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Mother Tree by Xiang Yeow

this is the tree with dangling pods

of hardening seeds in pulpy cots

these are its roots that grip the past

clutching sand and charcoal grit

to hold its ground to fight the winds

then offer leaves to its god above

while squandering gold and burning eyes

this is a mother so slim and parched

who breathes moisture to make starch

to labour for kids she doesn’t see

then quiet at night to wait for light

these are children she scatters forth

they are the ones who don’t look back