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16x8" (includes black wood frame, 18x10")

I created this piece as part of a poetry-art challenge, paired with American poet Angie Kirby.
Here is the poem:



Out of the blue

rain’s unexpected, 

these first fat drops 

evangelists for wetness 

when you were thinking 

lovely day, thinking take 

a walk and maybe here

I finally belong 


The accidental, unsure

of itself, wonders if 

it should be happening; 

you wonder the same,

think a scar’s not a scar

when it’s accidental: might as well

get mad at this rain


You never know what’s

coming right at you, like

the short shower of worms 

from a Dundee sky 

or mackerel dropped on 

an empty playground

somewhere in Iowa


Might as well 

stand open-mouthed

waiting for thunder, 

ride a horse through a forest

sliced to ribbons by light,

turn what you think you know 

to a slick fish dream

falling from bluest sky

$ 425.00

Purchasing information:

This textile work is available. In order to avoid disappointment, please contact me to reserve it, as it may currently be on exhibit outside my studio. If you require shipping, please include your full address. I will respond as soon as possible with an estimate of timing and total cost. Payment can be arranged by Paypal, eTransfer, or a payment method of your choice. I am open to creative purchase plans and layaways.