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Woven Woods - Day/Night

Woven Woods - Day/Night


Fabric wall hanging, 37" across
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The diurnal cycle affects the type and intensity of activity in the mycorrhizal net. Research has shown that there is a great deal more activity between noon and 6:00 pm than at any other time. Soil temperature, amount of water, and quality of light are known factors. But the activity never stops, even through the night.

With this piece I also wanted to speak of time with respect to evolution. The root-fungus relationship is as old as photosynthesis itself, millions of years old and already present when the first plants began to produce oxygen with the help of the sun's rays. Just as with any natural process, this relationship continues to evolve today with every environmental and genetic variation. In this piece I portrayed time as it appears to us - a closed circle measured with our clocks and calendars - but in fact, and most vividly in nature, it is best described as a spiral.

"The difficulty with perceiving real change and understanding time as a dimension of creation is a matter of scale. The small rhythmic patterns fall within a time span that comfortably matches our own lives, while the great directional movements take place on so much larger a scale that perception requires a time-lapse view of cosmic history."

"There are cycles within cycles within cycles. But the pattern that unfolds with time does not close back upon itself; it moves outward a little at each turning."

Louise B Young - The Unfinished Universe


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