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Hiraeth #4

Hiraeth #4


28x16"  SOLD

Hiraeth is a Welsh word that means spiritual longing for a home which maybe never was. Nostalgia for ancient places to which we cannot return. The echo of the lost places of our soul's past and our grief for them. It is in the wind, and the rocks, and the waves. It is nowhere, and it is everywhere.

A Song Inside
by Jennifer Lynn Dunlop


come away to where

the sky is purple light scattered wide

enfolding meadows of the sea

layers of colour and texture 


a tree grows, chiming blue

on a floating world

frozen music skellig 

longing for home, a place to belong

to feel free, uplifted, safe


every tree looks for its forest

its sanctuary

what we each need

a place or person who is a song 

inside of us

an uncomplicated delight

sunset calm


someone to dance down 

the storms of life with you

be the slip in the stream of life for you

your refuge, landscape

and language


trees fall and grow

and fall and grow again 

we belong in this rhythm of life

all we need to do is connect

and flourish, even if 


to a haphazard stack 

of boulders 

in a mysterious 

indigo-threaded sea


even then