Gallery - Woven Woods 2017-2023

Leaf and Needle

Leaf and Needle


Fabric wall hanging, 36" in diameter

Trees share resources even between species. Documented evidence shows that Douglas Fir and White Birch form bonds at the forest edge, trading carbon with each other seasonally via their ectomycorrhizae. Paper birch send carbon to Douglas fir seedlings, especially when they are shaded in summer, probably enhancing their survival. In spring and fall, the Douglas-fir returns the favor when the birch lose their leaves in winter.

"Listen to the trees. They know

as they sway to the hum of the universe

in wave lengths of chlorophyll, the quaking aspen

living tens of thousands of years,

memories flowing between green and ground

in the language of breath.


Birch and pine break black bread carbon,

nurse seedlings through lace threads,

roots spiralling between frayed chickadee feather,

white-tailed deer pelt, dodo and dinosaur bones,

dynasties and empires,

quilted together in subterranean networks,

layer upon layer of recycled lives."

Fran Figge - from Panspermia