Gallery - Woven Woods 2017-2023

Mother Tree

Mother Tree


Fabric wall hanging, 42" in diameter

Not only do larger, older trees (aka Mother or Hub trees) in a forest protect and nurture seedlings and young saplings while they are living, they become a source of slowly released nutrients when they die. In this way they feed back into the system everything they stored in their life as they dissolve into the forest floor. During this process they also become hosts for a variety of other forest creatures that use the hollows and soft areas for nesting, shelter and food. This is why it is very important to leave dead trees where they stand after they die.

Read more about Mother trees HERE.


"lean me against

the glittering curve of bark

          and I will hold you, finally

as everything here entwines


sea a cobalt shawl gathering rock

           laced with root

branches knit to sky

together, we are the pattern

combined, complete"

by Jennifer Dunlop from her poem, 'Entwined'  2017