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Mandala - Chinquapin Oak

Mandala - Chinquapin Oak


34" Fabric wall hanging (hangs without need of frame)

Chinquapin Oak is relatively rare in Ontario, although I'm lucky to have a small grove of them just walking distance from my home. They like limestone rock, which explains why we see them along the Niagara Escarpment. One of the two Designated Heritage trees of Dundas is a Chinquapin Oak that is over 250 years old. It lives in Fisher's Mill Park, a real beauty!

One of the many butterfly and moth larvae that feed on this tree, and all oaks, is the Gray Hairstreak. In this piece, the tiny Hairstreak larvae are positioned around the outside and their presence is evident on the leaves: without caterpillars, we don't get the butterflies. Also providing company for the Chinquapin Oak is native Sumac, in its autumn glory.

$ 1,500.00

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This textile work is available. In order to avoid disappointment, please contact me to reserve it, as it may currently be on exhibit outside my studio. If you require shipping, please include your full address. I will respond as soon as possible with an estimate of timing and total cost. Payment can be arranged by Paypal, eTransfer, or a payment method of your choice. I am open to creative purchase plans and layaways.