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Burning Bush #8

Burning Bush #8


6x12" SOLD

Below is a poem that was inspired by this piece, by Dundas poet Jennifer Dunlop, 2018.




Let the trees clothe me

in their burning attire


fiery folds dazzling. Let this

blaze transform me, a painful

chrysalis. Engage me

in this life again. Touch


each layer, roots

and hands held. A

sky of longing



You are the colour

of orange to me. Let me

ignite that incandescent

amber, shimmer

in gold agate.


This world of trees

and you

is where I thrive. Wrap

me in leaves of light


shine of song, whisper

and twist of branches.

The jagged dance

of life. Seasons

curled into lifetimes

as fern fronds



And then


let this gleaming vision

be me.