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The Twelfth Pear

The Twelfth Pear


16x16" (includes black wood frame, 18x18")  sold

From a series dedicated to the Jesuit Pear, symbol of the French heritage in my birth community.

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"Fascinated by the story of a Jesuit Pear orchard called the Twelve Apostles, where the Pear signifying Judas was planted separately, I wonder, if not for Judas’ betrayal, would Christianity have taken its present form? I consider the idea that darkness can bring light.  In the piece below, the 12th tree, the Judas pear, grows through to the centre – joining the outside to the heart. With this piece and with many others, I am exploring and embracing my attachment to my Roman Catholic roots… what it means to me now, as compared with my early training in doctrine."