Gallery - Havens

The last few years have presented many challenges for all the creatures on this planet. From a pandemic, to climate change, physical disasters, and all manner of political upheaval, humans and more-than-humans have been under considerable stress.

For many of these conditions, we feel powerless to make changes, even as we try to keep up to date and mitigate as best we can.

For this exhibition I propose to create imaginary warm environments, where the mind can find respite from heavy concerns. For me it means islands, clouds, trees, and friendly animals. I derive great pleasure and delight in closely observing nature, so there may even be insects, fungi and other tiny creatures. The purpose is to provide a few moments of escape, to nourish and bolster fresh energy and courage.

Many of the pieces will be enlivened by the beautiful and inspiring poetry of Dundas poet Jennifer Dunlop. Sometimes Jennifer creates a poem based on my work, and other times, my pieces leap out from hers.

This collection will be presented at Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, On, from July 7 - 30, 2023. They are available now, with the caveat that they will be held here till the end of the exhibit, at which time pick up or delivery can be arranged.

New images will be added as the pieces come to life!