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Lorraine Roy     Like many women of my generation, I was introduced to the fabric arts at the earliest opportunity, at my mother’s knee with a needle and thread. This was the start of a long creative journey that led to a full time career in art textiles. My current work is a blend of net collage, machine appliqué, and embroidery which is much like painting with fabric.

        Born and raised in rural Southwestern Ontario, Canada, I developed an early appreciation for the land and its natural beauty. My BSc in Horticulture and subsequent research are ongoing sources of inspiration. In my work I blend realistic imagery with symbols from dreams, memories and mythology, and trees are a recurring motif. Nothing brings me more joy than to coax order and beauty out of a messy jumble of materials. I like to think that my art imitates life.

       On our lot, my husband, fine art photographer Janusz Wrobel and I built a self standing studio and gallery surrounded by gardens. We participate in local open studio events, and visitors are welcome by appointment. You can also see my work at any of my representing galleries. My Facebook Page is the best way to keep up with all the latest news.

         For more information about the historic Dundas Valley with its charming shops and restaurants and its extensive nature trail sytems, click HERE.