Gallery - Commissions

I take great pride in creating site-specific works for private homes and work spaces and in making sure the client is comfortable with the process.

To start, we discuss requirements like size, shape, colour, finishing, installing, and budget. If possible, I visit and photograph the site. Then, with the information gathered, I produce up to three photos showing a piece 'digitally installed' on the wall: this makes it easy to visualize the final effect. Once the client chooses an image, we can further tailor it, make some changes, and perfect the image. We can then assess the timing and begin the work.

For each project, big or small, I am committed to matching the final results to my clients' dreams. It's been a great pleasure to work with all kinds of people over the years - always a positive experience.

Below are selected examples. Click on the image for full details and photos on site.