Gallery - Kingston Symphony Orchestra Special Exhibit 2017

And Birds do Sing

And Birds do Sing


42x20" quilted fabric panel  SOLD

Jennifer Butler “And Birds do Sing”

I received an invitation from Evan Mitchell, the Musical Director of the Kingston Symphony Orchestra, to create a suite of three works inspired by a special performance of classic music pieces, all of which incorporate birdsong. The three pieces are: Jennifer Butler “And Birds do Sing”, Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 17, and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 ‘Pastoral’.

The concert hall was the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts in Kingston, whose lobby is large, beautiful, open, and enclosed by floor-to-ceiling glass overlooking Lake Ontario. The performance happened on March 5, 2017. Here is the BLOG about my process in creating them.

Composed by Jennifer Butler, this is a modern ochestral piece written in 2010, and is the most abstract of the three compositions. The sounds begin with drums in cool waves, dark and tumbling and pierced with high flutes, eventually resolving into a lullaby composed for the composer’s daughter. What does a drum sound look like? Maybe circles… oblong circles? And flutes…. might rise up in long strands? The overall feel of the piece was cool and spring-like, hence I stayed with blues and cooler tones. The panel begins at the bottom with the rhythm of the drums, then another layer, upon layer until the clear notes of birdsong and lullaby surface at the top.

This piece was also part of the "Fibre Content" exhibition at Art Gallery of Burlington from Sept 6 to 16, 2018.