Gallery - Woven Woods 2017-2023




Fabric wall hanging, 48" in diameter

When the seed falls on the forest floor, it is ready to connect to the vast flourishing web of roots and fungi. In a study by Prof Suzanne Simard of UBC, it was discovered that germinating seeds actually produce enzymes that activate the germination of fungal spores. This is especially important where seedlings fall onto surfaces that do not already have a fungal mat.

"Many public speakers are accustomed, as I think foolishly, to talk about what they call 'little things' in a patronizing way sometimes, advising, perhaps, that they be not wholly neglected; but in making this distinction they really use no juster measure than a ten-foot pole and their own ignorance......  The giant Sequoia tree is a great thing, the seed from which it sprang a little thing. Scarcely one traveler has noticed the seed at all, and so with all the seeds or origins of things. But Pliny said, "In minimus Natura praestat" - Nature excels in the least things."

Henry D. Thoreau - Faith in a Seed