Gallery - Woven Woods 2017-2023




Fabric wall hanging, 46" across

Trees can’t chase their food, so they must count on resources harvested from their immediate area. Through the process of photosynthesis, they can feed themselves directly from the atmosphere using sunlight and carbon dioxide. But this chemical process also requires plenty of water … and for many trees, a consistent source is not always a given.

From the fungal point of view, water is not a problem. Fungi have the ability to draw water from the most grudging of sources, even from the air itself. They also break down molecules into simpler nutrients that can be absorbed by tree roots. But they are not capable of creating their own food because they do not photosynthesize. Trees and fungi are meant for each other!

"I've never felt comfortable with the word "path" as a description of a way of life. It's a land word, dry and earthy, whereas the only way I make any movement in my life is by allowing myself to drift, to sail, unknowing, with a spirit of adventure, ready to adapt to the culture at hand, so absorbed in the play of the moment that I don't realize when the rope on the skiff has slipped loose.
.... I find a deep moral sensitivity in being loyal to one's deepest enchantment. It's a way of love rather than principle, and it's fluid rather than firm."

Thomas Moore - The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life