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The Cat and the Crow

The Cat and the Crow

2022  SOLD


This piece was inspired by something that happened on my own property.

I was doing dishes at my kitchen window. It was early spring and a big orange cat had just appeared in the backyard behind my studio. Just then, an ornery crow landed at the top of my Apple tree and started screaming at him. The cat took this in for a few seconds, gauged the space, and launched himself up into the tree, racing to the very top. Startled by this move, the crow exploded into the air in complete disarray. From the top of the tree, the cat watched him flee into the distance before climbing down. Never saw anything like it.

This cat is a regular visitor and while I don’t normally appreciate free cats on my property, I can’t help but take my hat off to him! This piece is dedicated to Leo, the audacious Greensville cat.