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Bug #8 - Green Stink Bug

Bug #8 - Green Stink Bug


12x12" (incudes black wood frame, 14x14")


The Green Stink Bug (Chinavia hilaris) is found throughout North America in gardens, woodlands and crops. Its attractive green shield belies its lack of charm at the olfactory level, and it's a menace in commercial orchards and field crops. Like many insects in this family, both the adult and nymph use their needle-like mouth parts to feed on plant juices, causing wrinkles and flaws. A fun fact about Stink bugs: their foul smelling discharge was once used at the industrial level to reinforce the smell of some commercial acids.

Despite its destructive activities and unwelcome odour, I always thought this was one beautiful bug, sporting my favourite shade of green with style and confidence. Here it is, immortalized with a few of its nymphs, and surrounded by fruits and leaves.