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12x12" shadow box

Agranada: Pomegranate

  • Language: Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)
  • Region: Sephardic Jews of the Mediterranean

From a Turkish Sephardic idiom: "Avrirse komo la mangrana" means to open oneself like a pomegranate, and thus to provide many opportunities (of) health, wealth and beauty…. Those who speak Ladino in Turkey today are based mainly in Istanbul and Izmir, and are over sixty years old. Over Rosh Hashanah they teach that pomegranates can be regarded as metaphors for the need of unity of compassionate humans and prosperity among Turkish Sephardim.

In this piece, I focused on the generative power of the pomegranate, showing a cross section of the fruit, and that each seed is the beginning of a new cycle of life.

For the full description, along with pronunciation, map and video, click HERE.