Gallery - living-language-land

Living Language at studio

Living-language-land: Word portraits from the Earth is a collection of 25 framed textiles and 2 wall hangings inspired by the living-language-land project: 26 carefully chosen words from endangered and minority languages from all over the world, that reveal complex and elemental connection to land and nature. Each 'word portrait' is meant to engage emotions and light up the curiosity of viewers about these beautiful, poetic words submitted by the represented cultures. This project brings together themes I'm passionate about: our relationship with nature, love of words and language, spirituality, and culture. With these pieces, I re-interpret each of the words into fabric pictures based on the information provided and my emotional responses.

The organizers, artist Neville Gabie and neuroscientist Philippa Bayley of the UK, permitted each cultural contributor to decide which word to present and how to present it, including video production and correct pronunciations. View the entire word collection HERE. Neville and Philippa responded to my offer to create a visual version of this collection with full endorsement and encouragement. As such, much of the text in the descriptions of the art for each of the images is paraphrased with permission from the creators of living-language-land, with gratitude.

I am currently seeking venue commitments for this exhibition and will post developments as they emerge. Please watch my Events page for updated information. I am also preparing a presentation, by Zoom or in person, for educational purposes. Contact me for details.