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12x12" shadow box

Itrofillmongen: Set of tangible and intangible elements central to Mapuche life, including spiritual energies or newen and the che or human person as indissoluble parts of the diversity of life that makes up each space or Lof that we inhabit.

  • Language: Mapudungun
  • Region: Lake Budi, Mapuche Territory, Chile

For the Mapuche, all the elements of nature are vital. In their worldview, everything is alive: soils, lakes, oceans, rivers, water springs, forests, wetlands, flora, and fauna, and together they allow them to live in balance and fullness. The balance of each of these elements on earth is intrinsically linked to the health and integral development of the Mapuche in the earthly and spiritual aspects.

I wanted to portray balance and what better way than the yin-yang design. Dark and light, earth and sky, water, plants, other beings... in constant flow and states of life, all essential to the fullness of life.

For the full description, along with pronunciation and a video and map, click HERE.