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2022   12x12" shadow box

Kyká: world; town; story; region
  • Language: Muysk kubun
  • Region: Central Colombia

"The myth is recreated in the everyday, in the day to day, giving meaning to existence while walking.

Our people once again raise their houses, raise their spirits, their voices. In the infinite gaze that meets the glow of the sky at dusk and becomes breath the next morning. When the sun struggles to penetrate the multiform droplets of fog and smoke crawling through the straw of our ceremonial houses.

To be the hope of a people that walks the roads in daily activity, surprise filling every step in the amazement of another life that crosses the road, showing its colours of flight."

Here is the ceremonial house, warmed by the fire's spirit that reaches toward the morning sun. The forests protect the people, and the fields help nourish them.

For the full description, along with pronunciation, map and short video, click HERE.