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2022     12x12" shadow box

Siwa: pond; lake; vagina

  • Language: Muysk Kubun
  • Region: Central Colombia

The lake is that portal from which possible worlds are born and where the spirit of struggle and natural order is strengthened. Our waters are creative centers, navels and connection paths that allow us to dialogue with other ways of thought.

Its waters sing stories, siwa speaks to us and reminds us of the womb, of the humidity of our first ‘mochila’ (cotton shoulder bag), our mother’s womb.

Returning to the lake is to reimagine ourselves, to look at ourselves in the mirror of its waters and recognize ourselves to organise our thoughts and spirit.

For this image I chose the cross section of a lake, from which arises all creative energy, to be released through our own human spirit.

For the full description, along with pronunciation, map and video, click HERE.