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Ie cho

Ie cho

2022   12x12" shadow box

Ïe cho: Good path

  • Language: Muysk kubun
  • Region: Central Colombia
We say:

"Our ‘living well’ is Ïe cho (good path); it is being aware that we are all part of Mother Earth.

It is devoting our life as human beings to uniting with the territory we inhabit and in which we’ve been sown.

Ïe cho is taking care of the territory.

It is taking care of our relationship with birds, the wind, the earth, water, fire, trees, plants, stones, our ancestors and all the spirits that walk with us.

It is taking care of our family, our traditions, our memory. It is forgiving the past and making peace with it.

Walking Ïe cho is understanding that when we become earth again, our body returns to our mother."

In this piece the path begins at the top with birth, and meanders with the kindred spirits of the forest. At the end of the path, we return to the earth.

For the full description, along with pronunciation, map and short video, click HERE.