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A Gathering of Trees #1

A Gathering of Trees #1


30x30" (includes deep wood frame in dark walnut, 33x33")

This piece, along with all the others in the Havens collection, is available to purchase now. It can be picked up or shipped at the start of August after the exhibition closes. A 20% deposit will hold the piece until then.


A Gathering of Trees
by Jennifer Dunlop

I survey you, my audience

            a gathering of trees

rows of umber, tawny sentinels

            welcoming, waiting

I have no answers


Trees do not loathe

            but neither do they love

prevailing stately and silent


We attempt communication

            awkward, ill-timed overtures

but when you touch me

it calms this strident tumult


my skin’s longing


your delicious pressure

            expansive bliss


Trees leave such stumbling gestures to us


love, the great experiment

            a human failure


but also,

the sweetest meaning

            the confused


$ 2,300.00

Purchasing information:

This textile work is available. In order to avoid disappointment, please contact me to reserve it, as it may currently be on exhibit outside my studio. If you require shipping, please include your full address. I will respond as soon as possible with an estimate of timing and total cost. Payment can be arranged by Paypal, eTransfer, or a payment method of your choice. I am open to creative purchase plans and layaways.