Gallery - The Memory Shirt Project 2021

A client approached me, asking if I would create a series of artworks using her beloved deceased husband's collection of 83 colourful shirts. Of course I said yes! And what a journey this became, as I got to know this delightful man through his shirts.

I was asked to make one large wall hanging for the client herself, with as many shirts as possible, and including references to water and rocks. Then for friends and family, I was to make 13 framed pieces, each using four important designated shirts, and any number of others. All of them were to speak of her husband's bon vivant nature and sense of fun. I decided each piece would also feature buttons from the shirts: a joy to behold for their colour and diversity.

It was an exercise in working within limits...and a wonderful creative stretch for me. The results are below. Enjoy!!!

Regina Haggo wrote an article about this project for the Hamilton Spectator, HERE.