Winter Apple

I’m looking out our back window as we speak. A drift of snow fell overnight and the world looks magical. Our old apple tree came with the property and we expect it’s as old as the house itself which was built in 1956, which makes it exactly my age. When we moved here the tree was in dire condition, with branches to the ground and a forest of suckers. It took a few years to get it back into shape and we now enjoy its beauty in all seasons. It even gives us a few delicious, crispy apples every now and then (not a given, given our ‘organic’ practices!).

Our old Apple Tree

I love the shape of this tree. Hawthorns and apples, and indeed many fruit trees, evolved to this wide low shape so that their spring blossoms are easily available to bees. Their graceful horizontal form is also restful to the eye, and I’ve created many pieces with this in mind. Each year provides a fresh take on it.

I will leave you with a bunch of images of my work, some quilts, some framed, in no particular order, relating to the apple and hawthorn, and wish you a beautiful, FRUITFUL New Year!

Apple Seeds 2001 27×31″ Quilted wall hanging

Blue Moon #4 2014 12×24″ framed textile

Faith 2010 30×40″ framed textile

Hawthorn – Red Sky 2003 27×31″ quilted wall hanging


Hawthorn 2014 8×16″ framed textile

Hawthorn with blue memory 2000 14×24 quilted wall hanging

Lifeline #1 2013 10×30″ framed textile


Little Apple #4 2016 6×12″ framed textlle


Little Green 2011 6×6″ framed textile


Mystic Apple 2014 12×24″ framed textile


Small Orchard #1 2016 10×30″ framed textile


Tenacity 2010 16×22″ framed textile

Triumph 2011 30×40″ framed textile


Tree House #3 2016 18×36″ framed textile











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13 Responses to “Winter Apple”

  1. judy martin says:

    my goodness you are prolific.

    Your many creative visions of this single apple tree are truly wonderful and uplifting. I love the shape of it, and am glad that you can see it as a daily view and be so inspired.

    thank you.x

  2. Rojean says:

    Thank you for the wonderful sharing. Merry Christmas!

  3. Michelle says:

    Beautiful sentiments and artworks. Nature speaks every language.

  4. Geri deGruy says:

    Lovely! Thank you for sharing your beautiful trees.

  5. Rikki Blitt says:

    Thank you.

  6. vida says:

    Merry Christmas and the very best in the New year…I also have your book and enjoy your exquisite work….as always.
    Miss our chats

  7. Shar says:

    I bought your book Saving Paradise: The Arboretum Project many years ago at a forestry convention. I didn’t make the connection till today when you posted these lovely tree photos. I get that book out often and adore your trees.

  8. Rikki Blitt says:

    Dear Lorraine, what a lovely post! And you work is exquisite! I hope you have many many more years of joy from this tree.
    btw, which of these trees is the hawthorn?

    • Lorraine says:

      Hello Rikki, How lovely to hear from you and thank you for your comments. You will see labels beneath each of the photos that will tell you about some of them – as for the others, send me the title and I will tell you.

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