Sewing machine woes

I’m back in the studio after a hiatus of a couple of weeks, while I worked on my lecture and caught up with business. All geared up, rarin’ to go, my old Bernina 740 Industrial chugging away…. and suddenly the needle catches the end of my finger (OUCH) and breaks. This happens. It happens a lot. But this time, when I put a new needle back in there were nothing but problems… needle breaking again, thread constantly stretching and breaking. So frustrating!

So, I’ve had lunch. Going back in there. I’m going to clean out the machine, oil it, replace the needle again, re-thread… and cross my fingers. In the meantime I have a call out to a local sewing machine repairman, a new one for me. It’s not easy to find someone to trust with these older models. My previous guy lived an hour away and I would make the trip with a smile on my face. But last time I stopped by, he wasn’t there, and I learned that he had died of a massive heart attack. This was very sad news… he was a really nice man and I always enjoyed seeing him – his family were devastated, it was so sudden. This leaves me with no alternative but to find someone new. Wish me luck!

Me and my formerly trusty Industrial Bernina 740. Sigh.

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