Gallery - From the Roots Up: Special Trees of Dundas 2016

East Street Crimson King Maple

East Street Crimson King Maple


16x16"            SOLD

 Owners’ story:

“When we moved into our home on East St in Oct 1982, Delaine’s parents, Carl and Mabel Dopking, presented us with a Crimson King Maple sapling as a house warming gift. Over the years, the tree flourished, its crimson canopy drawing attention up and down the street. Every time we looked out our window its beauty took us. In 2008, we began building a new home on the lot adjacent to our old home. We faced a decision: our beautiful tree was now right where our new living room was going to be.

What to do? Rather than cut down our tree, we hired an arborist to transplant it to another location on the lot. But we faced a complication when our house expanded, and the new spot we had thought would be perfect proved unsuitable. We were really wondering whether we’d be able to keep our lovely tree after all, and were disheartened at the prospect of losing it.

Finally, a solution! We could transplant and board the tree at the arborist’s tree farm in Kitchener for the winter - the arborist later told us our tree drew a lot of compliments and he could have sold it many times – and decide on the perfect spot in the spring once our home was built. The placement decision wound up being easy.

One of the many wonderful features of our home is its front porch. From the comfort of our rocking chairs, we look out at the neighbourhood we’ve known for so long. What better spot for our tree and its memories? Our tree has finally made its journey home and has its special place on our front porch. When we look at it now, we think especially of our parents, Carl and Mabel, who are both gone now. They would be so pleased to know of the lasting memories they left us.”

Artist's story:

No need to struggle with this design: our brave and footloose tree leaps joyfully toward its new home.